A growing number of civil society organizations inside and outside of China are helping to build a more fair and sustainable food system there, but up to now there has been no easy way for groups in this sector to learn about each other. We built this site to fill that gap, and provide up-to-date information on how China and the world are responding to the challenges of feeding the world’s most populous nation.

NGOs and Foundations is the home page, a searchable directory of civil society organizations working to improve China’s food system.

Challenges provides an introduction to the problems and tradeoffs China faces in feeding its population.

The Resource Library contains useful research papers and reports covering key issues in China’s food system.

The Latest provides news about organizations and issues, and about the special challenges facing non-Chinese NGOs and foundations in China.

ChinaFoodWatch is a project of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. It was developed by Jim Harkness and built by Us Creative Works.

ChinaFoodWatch was built from publicly available sources and through interviews and correspondence with individuals and organizations working on food and agriculture issues in China. It is only as good as the input we get from you. Please let us know what you think of the site and how we can improve it!